About Quantum Healing Approach

The world of quantum mechanics has revolutionized the worlds of science, technology and medicine. Now, thankfully, it is making its grand appearance in the world of our human growth and healing.

Bill Bauman has not only been an avid student of this new science but has been spiritually called to embody its limitless capacities to heal and transform our human experience. He is now deeply inspired to share the mystery, magic and powers of this quantum reality with you, so that in turn you can embody its wondrous potential in your life. In short, Bill designed this experience to “initiate” you into your very own quantum world of living and non-living.

The invisible realm of quantum is most often associated with the spaceless void, vast emptiness, absolute nothing. It’s a non-space that can easily scare many people because, when we enter it, we give up the illusion of personal control and stability—in fact, we give up our very identity and sense of existence.

How then can such a “non-something” be a powerful source of our healing and empowerment? Simply because that quantum emptiness exists outside of time and space, and is the very non-force that can, and does, create anything—yes, everything, including our healing, expansion, empowerment and magnification.

With the quantum reality truly established at our core, we can live a whole new human existence. Everything can change, and does—our vision of creation, our sense of personal limitation, our awareness of life’s expansive capabilities, our relationship with everything.

With Bill’s quantum self and healing gifts guiding us, we will walk together through four illustrious days of immersion in:

  • the indefinable mystery of infinity, filled with unending grace, blessings and magicthe even-more-indefinable nothingness that lies beyond all creation yet lives in the silent depths of each of usthe endless potential that inexplicably resides at the core of this sacred void, this quantum sourcethe non-technique of letting go into this endless vacuum and allow it to swallow us up into its black hole of re-creation
  • the magical mystery of re-creation from this amazing source that defies understanding but may just be the most powerful force (make that ‘non-force’) anywhere

Immersion in the quantum field … embodiment of the quantum reality … initiation into the quantum source… and living as the quantum magic! These are the intentions and outcomes of this mystically rich four-day weekend with Bill. Please come and participate if your wisest inner self calls you to it.