My Present Modalities

TCM & Kiiko Matsumoto Style)
NMT – NeuroModulation Technique
Allergy Elimination Techniques
Quantum Healing Approach
(Inspired by Matrix Energetix, Yuen,
Mentoring with Bill Bauman and Cynthia Lane)

Chinese Dietary Therapy – Food as Medicine
(Wholistic Nutrition for Chinese Medicine Practitioners
Dietary therapy from Chinese Medicine Principles)
Medical Qigong
Esoteric Acupuncture (April 2014)

Recent Training
. Certified Natural Health Practitioner (2013)
.Wholistic Nutrition for Chinese Medicine Practitioners (2013)
. Esoteric Acupuncture (April 2014)
Ultimate Human (8 days 2011) with Bill Bauman
How-To of Healing (3 days 2011)) with Bill Bauman
(These were both courses which are a
big part of my inspiration in the Quantum Healing Approach)