Molly’s Biography

From early childhood I have always had an interest in healing. My heroes were Florence Nightingale and Albert Schweitzer, my favorite Golden Book was Nurse Nancy, and for me, the most exciting presentation in junior high school was about the hospital ship HOPE, which travels the world, bringing aid to those in need.

After working in other professional fields for a number of years, in the early 90s I found myself drawn to bodywork and the healing arts. I had always been inquisitive and a seeker of deeper truths, and as I found out more about acupuncture and energy work, I began to connect with the deeper workings and energies of the body. I went to acupuncture school and then started my own practice in 1998.

I had found my passion—working with patients toward wellness and wholeness brings me joy and peace. After acupuncture school, I studied NAET allergy elimination and then later NMT (Neuromodulation Technique). Over the years I have studied and practiced many other healing modalities, including Medical Qigong, Esoteric Acupuncture, Enzyme Therapy, Matrix and Yuen Energetics, and Dietary Therapy. I believe there are many ways to heal the body of dis-ease and dysfunction. My current practice is a blend of all of these practices, with a strong emphasis on NMT and acupuncture. At the root, I believe all healing is about light and love and clearing away old pathways of dysfunction to bring balance and peace to the body.