My Patients Speak…

Molly Himes is a unique and true healer! Her knowledge of the healing arts is vast. When combined with her compassion, as well as her deep medical and spiritual wisdom, the result is the kind of powerful treatment that unlocks your body’s innate healing power. Her unique talent is to zero in on the core of your health issue which is often deeper than where the symptoms lay, creating the circumstances for your body to return to wellness. Carrie in Virginia
After a decade of diligent visits to doctors from Johns Hopkins to Children’s Hospital our family decided to venture from main stream healthcare and see what the alternative community offered to tackle allergies, asthma and eczema. My teenager announced he was tired of taking the medicine, eye drops, nose sprays and inhalants he had been taking since he was an infant. It has been about a year since we first met Molly, and he is currently not on any of the medicine he was taking when he first walked through her door. She has used a combination of her healing modalities including NMT and MQ. It was such miraculous work that I decided to experiment with a few acupuncture sessions for myself to relieve the stresses of my over-scheduled, suburban life. I never realized how low my fuel tank was that I was operating my extensive days from. Now I feel so much more energized and balanced in my mental and physical health, plus at the end of the day I am not exhausted. I even feel grounded enough to start exploring some spirituality at this middle age point in my life. I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed with Molly. Stacie in Maryland

Molly Himes is a wonderful healer. Please let me tell you what she has done for me and my family. I had a long history of allergies, asthma and skin issues. I tried both traditional and alternative methods, but nothing seemed to help long-term; the relief was always temporary. What bothered me the most was seeing some of my symptoms coming up in my child. When I first worked with Molly her genuine caring and kindness were a healing in itself. I worked remotely with her, and gradually things started healing. Her incredible patience for my never-ending list of symptoms amazed me. She eventually worked on my family also. Because of Molly’s ability to heal the core issues, our family has come from a troubled life to a happy one, and our family dynamics even changed to be much calmer and more positive. She is a huge blessing in our lives  Ellen (MD)